To get the best experience and highest quality, we strongly recommend using your home or office WiFi connection. If you cannot use a local WiFi connection a strong 3G-4G connection is also suitable.

Make sure you can log in and connect before your consultation. Select "See Doctor" to connect and enter the waiting room.

If planning to use our service while using a workplace WiFi connection, be aware that your workplace may have security measures in place that could possibly hinder or even prohibit connecting while using our service.

Below are some troubleshooting tips to try for your specific device.

iPhone, iPad, iTouch

Make sure you have downloaded our iOS app by clicking the button below.

For best performance, we recommend that you close all other applications during a video consultation.

If you are having connection issues, check your WiFi's strength (Signal Bars displayed at the top of your device's screen).

If connection issues persist, restarting your device (turning it off and on) may help.

Android Phone
Download the lates Android app by clicking the link below.

Tablet - Mac OS X - Windows Laptop/Desktop ComputerĀ 

Make sure you are using one of the following supported browsers - Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

Make sure you have granted our website access to your camera and microphone (usually, an automatic prompt will be displayed when first connecting) Click here to see how to enable your camera and microphone for your specific browser.

Closing other tabs/windows on your browser may help and improve your connection.

Refreshing your browser may also help you reconnect if connection is lost or connection issues persist.

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