If you need your medication urgently, a prescription can be faxed or sent via Healthmail directly to the pharmacy of your choice. You’ll then pay for your medicines there as normal. Your pharmacist does not generally require a paper copy of the prescription since it has been sent electronically.

Repeat Prescriptions

You will be able to select the pharmacy of your choice through when completing the questionnaire for your treatment. If you have a question about which pharmacy you want to select or if your pharmacy is not listed then please get in touch with our support team at info@webdoctor.ie

Video Consultations

You will be able to select the pharmacy you want your prescription sent to as part of the booking process before the video consultation. If you have a question about your prescription or it has not arrived at your chose pharmacy please get in contact with our support team via info@webdoctor.ie


If you would like your prescription faxed and had difficulty with any of the above, email info@webdoctor.ie with the name and address of the pharmacy of your choice, and our support team will assist you.

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