If you have a query about a recent treatment, you can message your doctor directly through our secure private messages.

Please note; messages on treatments will be closed for reasons of medical safety 24 hours after you have applied for your treatment. Please get in contact with our support team via info@webdoctor.ie if you would like further help.

How to access your secure private messages.

  • Login to https://www.webdoctor.ie/

  • You should see a list of your previous consultations and treatments.

  • Select 'Details' on the specific treatment.

  • Enter a query or questions for your doctor in the text box at the bottom of the page.

  • Select 'Send Message' to send your message to your doctor.

Sharing files with your doctor
You can also share documents or images with your doctor via secure private messages.

Select "Choose File" to upload a document or image for your doctor.

Downloading shared documents
To download a shared document from your doctor, select the specific consultation from your "My Treatments" page.

You should see messages from your doctor related to the treatment.

Click on the file's name to download.

All shared files (related to this treatment) are also located on the righthand side of this page.

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