Our doctors can provide medical certificates or sick notes if deemed medically appropriate. You would need to book a video consultation and speak with a GP.

Just like any other GP, our doctors issue medical certificates at their own discretion.

We cannot predict or have any influence over the doctors' decisions. They always have full clinical independence.

Please note that we do not provide medical certificates for long term or chronic illnesses or ill health - just short term/recent illnesses. We also don’t provide medical certificates for historic illness only current illness.

Max. 2 medical certificates per 6 months
Our policy is to issue no more than two extended medical certificates to cover up to 4 weeks in 6 months.

This is for the reasons of medical safety. Repeated need to see the doctor may indicate a serious underlying medical condition that may need you to attend your GP for a face-to-face consultation and physical examination.  

Historical illness
A historical illness refers to an illness you are not currently suffering from. 

We do not provide medical certificates for historical illnesses, just current illnesses. 

We generally use a "3 day rule" where sick notes cannot be issued for illnesses that occured 3 days or more in the past. 

Fit to work certificate
We do not provide 'Fit for Work' certificates as these generally require a physical examination.

If you need a medical certificate for historical illness or a fit to work certificate we would recommend you visit your local GP.

Do you do provide Illness Benefit (IB1) Forms?

Yes, we do. If your doctor is happy to certify you for a current illness we can organise an IB1 form to be completed for you. In order to apply for illness benefit, you need to message your doctor with your PPS number and the dates you want covered for the Illness Benefit. Your doctor will complete a certificate of incapacity for work and post this to you with the IB1 form. You will need to complete the relevant sections of these forms and then post them to the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.

Will my employer / college accept a WebDoctor medical certificate?
Your employer/university will have their own policy regarding sick leave and medical certificates and so we cannot guarantee if they will accept the certificate or have any influence over their decision. 

What can you discuss with my employer?
During the video consultation you will be asked to give us your consent to discuss your medical certificate with your employer (in the unlikely event they would like to verify its authenticity). 

This consent allows us to confirm the authenticity of the certificate and dates for when the certificate was provided.

We cannot and will never discuss any medical information with your employer.

If your employer has questions regarding the nature of the illness or diagnosis on the medical certificate they should contact you in the first instance. WebDoctor will comply with guidelines from the Data Protection Commissioner about what information can be disclosed on a medical certificate. (See link here Case Study 11). As a result, we will never share specific medical information with a third party without your consent. 

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